Building apartment is not redy for occupy

Booking.com Hotel ID ***

regarding this above ID is created but the building apartment is not ready to occupy yet, but your invoice has come to pay , no even a guest not yet paid or occupied my apartment yet, so if continous to charge this like, please cancel the registration and please check my apartment is ready or not, later I will come back when it is ready , please cancel my registrration  now, and withdraw the bill issued one, I am not received any of guest yet, please check with the guests who booked online and reconfirm the bill payment, 

expecting your earliest action on this regard

with regards

Kunhimoideen KV 

*** / ***

BrookAve 3 years ago




Welcome to the Partner Community, and not the BdC Support & finance Team forum.


1. You are not addressing BdC support 

2. They will never read this and contact you.

3. Only you can and must do it.

4. Go to Extranet and close rooms to prevent bookings.


  1. Log in to the extranet and click on ‘Calendar’ under your ‘Rates & Availability’ tab.
  2. To open or close individual dates, click on the required date which is highlighted green if it’s open/bookable or red if it’s closed/not bookable.
  3. If you click on a red (not bookable) date, the colour changes to green, meaning it’s now open/bookable for that specific date. If you click on a green (open/bookable) date, the colour changes to red, meaning it’s now closed for that specific date. 
  4. Changes are saved automatically as soon as the colour of the field changes.

To make changes for longer periods:

  1. Click on the ‘Bulk edit’ button. 
  2. A panel will appear on the right side of your screen. Select the dates you want to open or close, then click on the ‘Room status‘ box. 
  3. Select ‘Open room’ or ‘Close room’ and click on ‘Save changes’ when you’re done. 
  • You can also make bulk changes to your availability, restrictions and prices.

Good to know: There can be different reasons for why your room is not bookable on Booking.com on a specific date, such as:

  • You’ve manually closed your room: you’ll see a red ‘Closed’ label
  • You’ve entered the value ‘0’ for the number of rooms to sell: you’ll see a red ‘No inventory’ label
  • You’ve sold the rooms you’ve loaded in the calendar: you’ll see a red ‘Sold out’ label
  • You haven’t loaded any prices: you’ll see a red ‘Price missing’ label
  • All your rate plans are closed/inactive: you’ll see a red ‘Rate closed’ label
  • You have a combination of all the above issues: you’ll see a red ‘Multiple blockers’ label  

How can I remove a property or end my partnership with Booking.com?


If you want to only temporarily take your listing off of Booking.com, we recommend that you simply close your availability for the time you require by following the steps outlined in this article.

Things you must know and understand before removing a property definitively and terminating your contract:

  • Once the contract termination process is started, it cannot be stopped.

  • For you to be able to terminate your contract with Booking.com, it is necessary that you first honour any outstanding reservations, as well as pay any outstanding invoices.

  • In cases when you are not able to honour any outstanding reservations, you will be required to cover the costs of relocation for guests.