Cambio nome dell'ospite

Ho sbagliato a scrivere il nome dell'ospite come posso fare? 

4 years ago

Hi Alfonso Migliaro!

Thank you for your post. Unfortunately this is an English speaking community but we are working on launching more languages. 

Could you, please, write your post in English, so you can get more replies? Thank you for your understanding!


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fluff 4 years ago


Sergei - Commu…

It was actually stated by Ilaria - Community Manager  that Italian posts were OK.

In answer to Alfonso Migliaro the hotel cannot change the name of the guest, the guest must modify that themselves or request BDC to do it.

In risposta ad Alfonso Migliaro l'hotel non può cambiare il nome dell'ospite, l'ospite deve modificarlo da solo o richiedere a BDC di farlo. (Google translation)