Can Not get paid from Booking.com HOSTS BEWARE!!! They owe me $4000.00

I had a really bad feeling about taking a booking from Booking.com but went against my own judgement and approved an 11 day stay in our guesthouse.  We are experienced hosts with over 200 stays via other platforms and never have an issue getting paid.  I am dealing with cryptic communications from departments that can't help me,  there is no direct phone number to anyone in finance to solve this problem if they were legit I am sure whatever issue could be reconciled in minutes.  One day they suspend my payments needing updates,  next day they have everything they need,  next day they need a social security number,  the next they asked for pictures of my drivers license.  Now,  no real communication at all.  With each passing day I dig deeper into other hosts experiences and now my fears are being realized.

If you are thinking of becoming a host with these clowns your nuts! 

Next steps:  Attorney General office communication for Florida,  Better Business Bureau,  then hiring an attorney on the ground in Amsterdam.  


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Shirley 3 years ago

I suffered much from them too.

I have no doubt they have huge finance problem, and their excuses not paying out could be published for scamming.

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pibomarco 3 years ago

and what is your payment policy exactly? Did you activate "Payments by Booking.com" Extranet -> Finance -> Getting paid ?

john cammarano 3 years ago

Payments were set up to be collected and paid by b.com.  The guest paid them 5 months ago.  

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Community Admin 3 years ago

Hi john cammarano! Thanks for posting in the Community!


We apologize for the delay in payout.


It's important to know that there are some obligations imposed on us by the operation of law, industry standards, and by our financial partners, and may require us to report our compliance to third parties and to submit to third-party verification audits. That is why sometimes we have to request additional documents from you in order to be able to make a payment. 


As we can see, the payment is already scheduled to be send out to you. Please accept our sincere apology for the inconvenience.


Best regards!

john cammarano 3 years ago

More garble "admin"  Thats wonderful that it has been scheduled and lets see what happens over the next few days.  Obviously,  my confidence has eroded  in the platform.  If the company had a human resource for hosts to resolve situations the company wouldn't be dealing with this.  

Third party document requirements should be requested upfront and not in piece meal post payment due dates as per the contract. ACH payments are not rocket science and the perception to hosts is that the company is hiding behind third party payment gateway requirements on your behalf to stall payments.  This is not the way business is done here in the USA and if the company is not prepared to provide a direct communication portal to hosts who have provided a service to guests who have booked and paid months in advance then I can not see any competitive edge over the other platforms at minimum assuming at some point I get paid.