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Can we pay invoices via Credit Card? or any other way?



We faced some challenges with a client that did not show on August, we rejected his booking because of the COVID just by a message but he did not cancel the booking neither us and he did not show to the property, now checking my extranet we have a pending invoice for commission to pay to for this customer that did not come nor pay us.


We are new using and we still dont know how to cancel a booking and we did a rookie mistake by not giving follow up and ask the customer to cancel the booking (still dont know if this is the procedure to cancel the booking) or cancel the booking ourselves (dont know how is done).


We have this pending invoice for USD 5.10 but as per invoice we have to do an international transfer that the cost of this transfer will be USD 75.00 + USD 5.10 (invoice cost).


We dont mind paying the USD 5.10 but paying the bank commission for a transfer of USD 5.10 we see an issue there.


Can we pay invoices via Credit Card? or can we do a balance for a greater amount and transfer when the commission to is greater than the bank commission? 


How can we contact someone at to talk regarding this challenge?


Thanks for your assistance.




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Sharonpowney 3 years ago

Yes, not cancelling the booking on the system is a rookie mistake.  If you had marked the Reservation as a No Show this would also have stopped the commission charge.  As you have posted this on the partner forum we cannot resolve the issue but if you explain to help team they will sort it for you. 

Contact help team using Inbox icon on Extranet (Option messages) or give help team a call see link for local phone numbers.

BrookAve 3 years ago


Sharon please stop giving out the wrong contact us info, 


For partners it will always be the partner contact methods  in Extranet  not that public list.

>> Dedicated Partner Contact Options - Visual Guide


When you forget to mark as no show, you have two options.


1. open the reservation statement list , tick the dispute column and then submit.


2. open a message request noting the reservation number and reason.


See Guide below on how to message and or phone BdC support.



Kind Regards, Be Safe Be Well


PS: your partner profile is still  incomplete, missing listing URL, please update to it as it can at times greatly help us help you when the time comes.


Guide : How & Why Add your Listing to your Partner Community Profile


BdC Support Team HowTo: Dedicated Partner Contact Options - Visual Guide