cancel request

Booking number  2891407238

guest doesn´t answer any of our messages. Seems like she is not coming.  

We didn´t receive any money for this reservation yet .

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Didem - Commun… 1 year ago


Hi @Joaquín Cipriano Roca Tudela ,

Thank you for sharing in the Partner Community!

If the guest doesn't show up, mark the reservation as a ‘no-show’ in the extranet or on the Pulse app.

Please also kindly be aware that you pay commission when:

  • You charge guests for non-refundable or partially refundable no-shows or cancellations
  • You charge guests who cancel after the free cancellation period has ended

You don’t have to pay commission when:

If you need further support with this specific reservation, can I make a gentle suggestion to contact our teams by sending a message via your extranet inbox?

Have a fantastic day ahead!