Cancel reservation


We have some question 

How it possible that people cancel resertation that is non ref for free?

We didnt accept it for free

Can you please answer this questions




This two resrvations 

Thank you

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Maria Potemkina


Welcome to partner  community, and just to clarify you are not addressing Booking.com Support Team.


What I would ask is what countries are the reservations from?

Note the country flag on a reservation does not always equal where they are based nor coming from.



With that said , a non -refundable rate with a strict refund cancellation policy can in general only be free refund when:


  • 1. Payments by Booknig.com enabled
  • 2. Risk Free, is applied to the reservation by Booking.com Randomly chosen once it qualifies.
  • 3. Coronavirus Force Cancellation Policy by Booking.com




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