Cancel reservation due to Covid-19

Hi there, We have a reservation which we need to cancel due to Covid-19 travel/hosting restrictions. We would like to return all payments to the guests, Booking.com handles all payments. How do we go about doing this? Cheers

BrookAve 3 years ago


1. Let the guest do it by contacting support.

2. if greater than 48 to check in, open details page and click request for cancellation, and choose option2 .then wait for guest to confim.



Bush Cottage 3 years ago

I received a recent instant booking for a guest at Bush Cottage. As you can verify, the first in months due to cross provincial boarder restrictions.

In order to  travel to Marloth Park, the guest required a permit, which she did not have.  That is, her husband had a business permit to travel to Nelspruit only - some 100kms from Marloth Park.  

I had two choices.  Ignore the consequences to my client in the knowledge that her party of 7 persons did not have a permit to do so or advise her that her travel would be regarded as illegal and that penalties would apply, in addition to the intended visit to Bush Cottage..

Given the short notice of the instant booking and the fact that she was extremely upset and in order to ease her situation, I personally refunded the credit card payment she made to Booking.com.

Under Covid-19 restrictions all bookings at Bush Cottage have been cancelled and I have had no income at all for several months.

While, in retrospect, my response may not have been strictly in accordance with Booking.com policy, it was most certainly in accordance with my own policy of providing my guests with the best and most honest service possible.  

As you will be able to verify, all my bookings at Bush Cottage have been cancelled since the beginning of this international crisis.  Quite frankly, I was stun ned w hen your system permitted a booking under current worldwide restrictions.

Therefore, I request an immediate refund in respect of the amount refunded to this clieint.



Bush Cottage

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Birgitta


Welcome to the Partner Hub Community, addressing only partners, not the BdC support team, who do are not active here.


1. Never hijack another topic , please make your own by clicking on Start a conversation

2. No one will action anything on this .


3. logon to Extranet and message or phone BdC support for this .see guide below:

Contact BdC- Location of Partner Only Phone number and Message methods


4, you have the option to control availability and if you dont want bookings then close rooms.

5. You can also enable COv19 restriction options such as allow essential workers only.


Kind Regards