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Hi, how can I receve money from canceled reservations ? Reservations are paid in cash to me, but when someone cancel reservation in a certain period i don't know how to receve money from canceled reservation.

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  • simply put, you cant, thats not a thing.
  • Either Prepay or get nothing.

from another post :




  1. opt out of all BdC prepay methods
  2. sign up for a 3rd party VCC/CC payment service provider
  3. leverage paypal.me/name links, any other free methods too
  4. add all into message template - New Reservation as a process for each prepay option
    1. add a time limit for the prepay method to arrive, most of these will be near instant methods too, so 48h its loads of time , with min 24h.
  5. once the time limit expires and no prepayment done , depending on how far away the arrival date, is you might want to have a manual use message template for 'LAST REMINDER TO PREPAY'.
  6. Cancelling a Reservation due to no prepayment received.
    1. on the reservation details page.
    2. scroll down to the message area  trigger a preset message template you made for 'Reservation Voided - Cancelled'
      1. "As you have failed to comply with the terms and rules of my accommodation , in this instance failure to prepay the correct amount due prior to arrival with in X hours of booking, it will now be void, and cancelled with immediate effect"
    3. click the Request Cancel button on the right pane.
      1. If the button is greyed out usually means too close to the check-in date/time. then you must phone Partner Support to instruct them to cancel it.
    4. Now choose OPTION 1 on the cancellation two options displayed. This is commonly used for when guests fail to prepay deposits and rates, and any other fee such as pets fees.
    5. at this point the system will trigger a notification.
      1.  i usually reccommend ,phone Partner Support after doing this 
      2. it should help to expedite cancellation so as to free up inventory quickly.
      3. just explain you sent your message template for Guest Failed to prepay within the time limit (min 24h), and now you marked it cancelled and want to make sure no delays so room is freed up.
      4. if they try to convince you to give more time or another chance remind them its your accommodation not BdC's; Your rules , Your policies.
  7. Now you have a prepay policy that will prevent fake, No Shows, etc  

examples of payment service providers :

  • Square
  • sumup
  • izettle

goggle for more


note: remember to ask them for VCC support too, many forget about that  Kind Regards, Hope that helps some of ye.




 no one here but us leprechauns,  contact partner support.


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  • So never post action requests here, nothing will come of it.
  • Always message or phone Partner Support directly instead. Method # 4 Public Phone List 


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