Dear All,

Firstly, I am very new to Booking.com (BC).  I am also happy to be on their platform for guests to book via them.  However, I have had so many bookings to so many cancellations, that is, if I have had say, 20 bookings I have had at least 17 cancellations including no shows. It is rather frustrating and I am at the end of my tether.

Secondly, I do not have the facility to collect payment, it is cash payment on arrival, therefore, no show no payment. There is a Flexi-plan policy in place however, to no avail.

Thirdly, I had a customer who called me on my mobile direct, to arrange transportation pick-up. I was a bit dubious as to how he got my number, as I thought all calls had to go through BC.  When I asked him how he got my number he told me his little brother is a wiz kid with IT, and that was how he was able to attained my number to call me directly.  Having arrange transportation for next day check-in, yes, you guessed it,  he cancelled booking the next day.  I had to then make several calls to persons on the ground to hold fire, the guest (party of 4) cancelled. 

The next day I spoke with BC and let them know, and to find out if their IT system was not secure.  I was assured by BC that their system is safe.

Fourthly, you have guest who just ask questions that are already on the site...just ridiculous!

Lastly, the property has been verified, however, I don't have the facilities to collect payment and with constant cancellation I will never meet the algorithm required by BC to have that in place.

A very frustrating owner on BC!


The Grove.

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Glennroy111 3 years ago

TOO MANY cancellations. I have 2 properties on BDC. The first, lets me "see" the CC # of the guest so I can verify/collect down payment. 80% of these do not have sufficient funds. The second property won't let me view the CC info until 2 weeks prior to check-in. That's not acceptable on a USA condo. So I raised the rates to $ 3,000/night so no one will try and book. Like you, I called BDC CS and complained. They said they have not control over the automatic algorithm and can't do anything about it. WT HEck. Too much trouble. Too bad, too sad. You need to get some sort of CC processing company. Mine is EDGE and it works very well.

David 3 years ago

Those wishing to run cash only businesses can only blame themselves when they are abused by guest.In this day and age how can a successful business just operate on cash only.

Claud King 3 years ago

sorry I am just coming back to this platform.

Glennroy111 - thank you very much for your suggestion to use EDGE, I will definitely look into it.

David - I am not sure how you joined BDC, did you go straight into 3rd or 4th gear?! As a new comer there are few hurdles it seems you have to go through with BDC before your are able to use credit facilities, until their 'algorithm' kicks in it has to be cash on arrival, therefore, if there's a cancellation or no show then I lose, because BDC does not allow me to take part payment until such time. However, if a guest show up and chose to use CC to pay for their booking I send them an invoice to their email and payment is then made, so far, that works. Bookings not associated with BDC I presently use PayPal facilities.

Thanks guys!