Cancellation of a Booking

I need to cancel the following booking made at 15.03pm on the 20th January 2020:

Booking Confirmation:  ***

PIN Code:  ***

Hotel:  Bulkeley Hotel, 19 Castle Street, Beaumaris, Isle of Anglesey. LL58 8AW

Check-in Date:  Friday 5th June 2020


I have already spent around THREE hours TO NO AVAIL trying to register this cancellation - by telephoning *** several times, sending several e-mail messages, and several times via the Booking.com/help website messaging facility.  No one is responding to any of my communications.

BrookAve 3 years ago


HI Eurwyn Jones


Please refrain from posting on the Partner Community when you are not a partner and are a Guest.


You should be contacting Booking.com CS services.


There is also a link on top of this page for guests you should be using instead.


Information for guests: Click here


If you have already sent a message to the Guest CS, then simply wait, impatience at this time is not productive and wil only wind yourself up.


Consideration for the volume of call and messages should be obvious, but in case it is not , I'm pointing it out for you.



Kind Regards, Be Safe, Be Well.