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Cancellation Fee Exceptions tool

I have recently seen a lot of commission charges to my account for reservations that have been cancelled by the guest within the 24 hour grace period after booking.

I have opted in to the Cancellation Fee Exceptions tool. There are bookings that have been cancelled in the past by the guest within 24 hours of booking that saw no commission charges on my monthly invoice and now suddenly there are identical reservations that are being charged commission.

Why? now has a lengthy admin process to follow whereby you have to mark the credit card as invaild even if the guest cancels within 20 minutes of making the booking. On the latest such booking the "Mark credit card as invalid" button is greyed out and I do not have the option to report this reservation as suggested by What now? I have already emailed them only to be advised to mark the credit card as invalid.

This means I have to remember at the end of the month to check whether these commission charges have in fact been waived. Unfortuantely when they do appear on my invoice and I dispute them the dispute is rejected.

The establishment has no control over these immediate cancellations but is locked into this unccessary back-and-forth admin process to try ensure that there are not unnecessary admin charges from 

It is a time waster for the establishment and for Why can the fees not be waived as stipulated in the Cancellation Fee Exceptions tool?