Cancellation Policies

Is there any way for the accommodation to cancel the stay? We have been harmed by guests who have made a reservation and then tell us that they are not going to show up but do not cancel the stay on the platform, and thus we lose the opportunity to sell the room. In addition, we would like to know what is the penalty that is applied to the no show because in the monthly receipt there are no balances in favor.
This dynamic has made us lose the opportunity to sell rooms on several occasions and we would be grateful if they give us a solution to this.

BrookAve 1 year ago




  1. a No show and no prepayment equals zero payment
  2. Mark a no show as soon as possible usually work as early as 1 am that night i.e. 01:00 day 2 of their stay
  3. Even if a guest calls you to cancel you have the right to not accept it as a phone call or message and insist they do it properly via the booking.com account website. else it is not cancelled and can be marked as No show.
  4. In terms of freeing up the room sooner, either start the process you self by clicking Request Cancel then option2.
    1. but now the guest must follow through and acknowledge the notification they then get.
    2. if they never see it nor try to look out for it, then it is not cancelled.
    3. so at that point you can wait for them or phone partner support to assist.
  5. one option is to increase the inventory count for that room type for that date. but be careful that if the pending cancellation goes through quickly to then remove it.


 no one here but us leprechauns , contact partner support. 


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VAT number enter as CC1234567L  Where CC is country code