Cancellation policy

I have a 30 day prior free cancellation policy but no prepayment has been taken for a booking I have recieved.  how does that work 


BrookAve 2 years ago



So first understand that a rate plan with that cancellation policy by default is not nessesarily linked to prepayment.


As by default there is no prepay enabled,  and no payment at checkout. Its only an auto confirm based on your availability calendar. 


So this means pay on arrival. 


Now let's say you want to turn on prepay.


This can be done and you bill the guest.


Like everything this has pros v cons.

Gives flexibility to cancel if no prepayment. 

Only one payment gateway fee to pay.

More control.



What it comes down to is do you want less admin tasks,  more time to do other things.


If you enable online payments by BdC, or payments by BdC, it forces guest to pay in advance. 


You can tell BdC you only want VCC issued by them and not guest CC, as this reduces,  fake, time wasters, no shows, etc.


Some food for thought


Kind regards