Cancellation refunds

Dear Partners,

My homestay policy is free cancellation until 14 days from the date of booking. However, I am very surprised a guest who made a booking on the 22nd December 2019, just cancelled today, a booking for the 10th January 2020 which is 6 days away and yet he was given a full refund. I had an inquiry on the 30th December 2019 for the homestay on that night. As I told him it was already booked then, he has made a booking elsewhere. So  I have lost a potential booker. The local number stated on the booking.com website ,goes to a recording that says " the number you have dialed is not in service! " The cancelled booker should not have been given any refund as the date is 6 days away!!

Please advise. Thank you.



BrookAve 4 years ago



I take it you actually meant up to 14 days before arrival date.

Check the rate plan and cancellation options set.


Make sure it says the correct direction before and not after or vice versa as needed.


Yes the phone number I usually ring had same issue to day.


It's an I.T. issue. 

Mske sure you use the phone number that is located under...

Messages, booking.com messages, contact us, click to reveal 


Alternative ring the normal customer service number and choose #2 option for partners



Kind regards


BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Abbey Careford


Always deal directly with the 2nd booking guest, to avoid relocation costs.

Simply offer them alternatives, or if no availability ,inform them of that and that they will receive a second email to click confirm on inorder to get a refund.


Once you send that message about refund, go ahead and click on Request To cancel and choose option 2.