Hi all. A guest has just checked in and now wants to go to a hotel because her dad can't climb the stairs and says the balcony is dangerous for her child. What do I do? The listing indicates there is no lift and the photos show the balcony. Am I responsible for finding her another place? Giving her a refund?


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Mike 4 years ago

I never had a situation like this - but if I did, and customer was complaining about things that  are made clear pre-booking, I would not give money back, I would however likely give a small refund if they decided not to stay.

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fluff 4 years ago

Such cases we gauge on a case by case basis.

If it seems that they are genuinely unable to be comfortable at your place then I would be inclined to take payment for the first night minimum (or however long they actually stay with you before leaving) on the condition of a top review! You could hold the refund until said review is posted...I say this as myself and other hosts have gone the extra mile to please similar guests and then received nasty reviews for our trouble.

You are in no way obliged to give a refund and it is wholly the guests own fault that they have booked a place obviously unsuitable for their special needs.