Due to the issue of COVID-19 we have guests cancelling reservations. Today I understand there has been a time window issued for bookings to be refunded if cancelled as part of forced majure (23rd May-13april) however we have bookings on non refundable rates cancelling bookings in May through to April yet demanding a refund even though they chose this non refundable rate. The reasons for some bookings being cancelled is down to events they were attending being cancelled... this isn’t our issue? 

is anyone else having this issue? And am I right in thinking that normal non refundable rules still apply? I can’t get hold of booking.com so looking for some advice.




Villa Vittoria… 4 years ago

Same issues here with such cancellations after the 13th April. I am advising these guests that for a cancellation refund they should contact their travel insurance. If they do not have such policy it's tough luck. We (partners)should not suffer after all they should have read cancellation issues upon booking. Although I am offering postponement to guests as a good will since I found no help whatsoever from booking.c

Boutique Suite… 4 years ago

Thanks so much for this response - we’ve done the same and advised to contact insurance policies and forwarded on links to pages backing us (as partners up) 

take care

BrookAve 4 years ago




1. if the dates for check- in are currently not covered by the BdC topic on Cancellations , then yes normal policy applies.

Note: Of course if then later the policy updates closer t othe check-in date then it applies.


2. Travel insurance by default does not include Force Majeure coverage. Only some may have it  <3%, 97% have to apply for it.


3. Cancelled events as a cause of not coming are indeed not covered. But you might want to consider a friendly offer of credit for the amount or credit in nights booked. Or reschedule.


Kind Regards, Be Safe ,Be well






Casa de las Ranas 4 years ago

I have a guest that is asking me to refund the whole amount, her dates are 18th may to 29th may. She booked at a non refundable rate. But I want to give her money back.

She wants me to make the deposit into her account and gave me the account number.

I sent her a Request for cancellation but by clicking on it she will get fully charged.

I sent bookings a couple Notes and no response.

Can you help me?

Boutique Suite… 4 years ago

Does anyone have a UK contact number for partners to contact booking.com help? I have tried every other form of contact to get in touch with them but no luck. Whilst we appreciate they’re busy, we need answer an