Cancelled booking

Good evening.

please could someone help.

We had a reservation for a two night stay arriving this evening.

They decided to cancel on booking.com and our cancellation policy states that the full cost of the reservation is payable if cancelled within 48 hours prior to arrival.

We then went to take payment for the cancellation but were unable to because no cvv was within the card details section.

So we have now lost out on £££

I don’t understand why no CVV was in place for them to make the reservation.

If anyone could please explain to me why this has been able to happen it would be much appreciated.


many thanks





BrookAve 3 years ago


woah hold on mis-info detected.....


1. This evening i.e. at least 5 hours ago meaning Friday evenin.


2. the fact that there are VCC details to begin with is a good thing. means they prepaid.


3. you just have to wait for the day after, literally that simple, and as slong as you have the cancelation policy set right then there is no refund.


4. what should auto appear is a cancelation request via the guest messages, where you waive the cancellation policy or NOT.

If you wait another 19 hours approx then you should be able to see the VCC and charge it.


By noon the next day all this should be easily sorted, if you cant see the vcc info or cant charge it ring BdC support straight away.

You could actually ring them right now, but they will likely tell you to wait for the next working day and then apply charge.

So all it not lost... yet... this could still get sorted very quickly . 


PS it was also written in the CV19 resources section linked on top of this page too., the new way VCC now work.


Kind Regards,

Be Safe, Be Well


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