a cancelled reservation

a guest contacted for refund after cancelling but this reservation was prepaid to booking and the guest should be contacted from your side

BrookAve 3 years ago



Thats not how cancellation requests work.


Guest can request it via BdC CS or message you.


Then CS will ring you or message you of the cancellation request


Or guest will message to request


Now at this point, you can choose to agree to waive cancellation policy or not.


Depending on cancellation policy,  zero, partial or full can be refunded. 


When its guest requested, you can decide to waive and allow full refund.


On their reservation details page, click Request Cancellation. 


Now choose option 2


This will auto trigger full refund.


Guest is notified,  and must confirm, click a link.


System then starts refund process



Thats it.