Cancelled risk free bookings

I had a risk free booking cancelled, although I was sent no notification of this and it still shows in my channel manager. Only when I log in to B.com extranet can I see that it is cancelled. The info on their site says that I can charge the VCC on the day the guest would have checked in if a new guest is not found. This VCC is being declined though and I have lost my income for that room with no opportunity to try and re-let it myself. How can this be risk free or is this, as others have stated, a scam. Anybody else experienced this issue?

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Blagoje Acho 4 years ago

In my case also new guest was not found but I get payed for that night minus amount for cleaning fee. 

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Isle of Wight … 4 years ago

Any time you take cards yourself for online bookings, you are opening yourself up to risk. Best solution is to allow the OTA (AirBnB / Booking.com etc) to take the payments for you and then you get *some* protection ....


Eddy 4 years ago

This feature which booking.com offers to property owners for non refundable bookings is not clearly explained as it's not completely risk free as stated. Booking.com say the booking is guaranteed and risk free but one can only debit the virtual credit card 2 days before arrival and it's not visible until then. Booking.com also state that from the date that the credit card is visible the guest is responsible for payment not booking.com so the guests credit card details replace the VCC details on that date. If a property owner then debits the card 2 days before arrival and it does not go through for payment due to an invalid status the
it has to be marked as invalid and the property owner risks loosing out on a non refundable booking.
It really is better there not to opt for this feature as at least one can check credit cards for non refundable bookings at the time of the booking. 
This really should be explained by booking.com more in detail as, as it stands it's really only risk free for booking.com and not the property owner

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4 years ago

Hi guys,

If you would like to know more about Risk Free Reservations, please take a look at the dedicated post here, where the PMM will also answer your questions.