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Cancelling program !

Hi everyone,


I am paying too much commissions for a small business.

I would like to reduce it to only 15% (normal charges) 

Could anyone help me on how to cancel joining any program from !

Your help and comment are highly appreciated.

Thank you.


Best regards,

sumi - Arsuma Guest House  

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Sumi


I am reading between the lines and hopefully I understand your query is : How can I opt out of any extra programmes in order to cap my commission at 15%? 


So you can opt out of Genius Programme, visibility booster etc.. but if you have already enabled these features there many be a time delay such as , having to wait to end of a active period.


So I would recommend calling your regional support office and have them review anything extra that may be enabled that is increasing the 15%.



As partners we cannot see your setup so we have to rely on the info your share and also having a property link in your profile to the public listing.



If you would be so kind as to link your property going forward it greatly helps us help you.