change the price,add cleaning fee...



ill see that on my out rent there is not comming on the cleaning fee, at 400 nkr...eather  the xtra cost for persons ower 2...Because over 2 persons i have too open more of the house.. so i want 300 nkr xtra for each person over  2..i mean for nr 3-4-5-6 its 300 norwegian krones xtra for each person.

and the  day price will be 1900kr.

now i dont understand witch price booking.comput in...but people rent it for all moust free!!!!!!!

would you pls help me to change this,and tell me how i can do this my self tnx.

Brg Thorleif 

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Aaltje B. 4 years ago

Hi Brg Thorleif

If you go to the extranet you can see all these blue taps with different names in it. One of them is Property

In there you can choose many different facilities. 

If you want to offer meals or not and many more things.  

In the tap for the rates you can change the price

Have a look , come back again if you have more questions. 



Aaltje B.