Change reservation date for non refundable booking

Dear all,

I booked apartment in Positano,Italy the apartment name is Casa Mastro Apartments, Confirmation number is ***.

I am wondering if I can change my booking date from 27-30th Dec to 4-7th Jan.

I don't want to cancel my booking I want to change the dates if possible.

BrookAve 4 years ago

Not the place for this,if this is you as a guest going to someone else's property.


You need to contact them via your booking confirmation email, contact info.


It is up to them to agree, if they agree there is two ways they can handle it.

Kind regards , merry xmas


AZ Family 4 years ago

My customers is want to change reservation.So we do that.But we have problem.Booking Name ***.      Checkin=22-Dec.2019.    Checkout=25-Dec-2019.      We make mistake Date.     25-january. 2020.Please help me.

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Community Admin 4 years ago

Hello AZ Family! Thank you for posting in the Community! It is not possible to assist you via this platform as we need more information on the specific reservation and the issue. Please contact us via the "Inbox" tab in your Extranet or to one of the phone numbers you will find in the link below: 


Please make sure to have the reservation number at hand.

Best of luck!

BrookAve 4 years ago

AZ Family, please dont hijack someone elses topic, yours is completely unrelated and should have been opened in it's own topic of 'guest booked wrong dates , how to handle '.


To answer your question,  if it was me I would simply need to choose leave as is and agree to let them come as is, and then after checkout and you are paid, then have BdC delete the december 2020 dates reservation.