chargable cancel or noshow


we were closed during april and some of our rezervations are canceled or noshowed and we didnt get any payment from them but it invoice you are asking comission for chargable noshows or cancels can you please help us how to solve this problem because we didnt get any payment to pay your comission.

please reply back 

thank you 


BrookAve 2 years ago




You are not the only one.


If your no shows were not cancelled and refunded, then its is  treated as normal.


There was an issue in March  and April where some were paid the full amount , no deductions were made and the system them invoiced us to pay several hundred in commmission.


You would really need to discuss this via phone with BdC support team directly or message them the reservation numbers for the period and which were not marked as no shows, which should have been refunded etc.


So that they can calculate  the proper totals.


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