charge Guests no show

 I had already eleven days booking by guest but they didn t come, I marked mark as a no show, but i have two question

- I seen the booking.com confirmed the credit card from the guest. But in my case, I mark as no show guest so why can not I still see guests credit card like the previously mentioned booking.com?

- I have chosen to charge 100% when guests do not check in after 24 hours from the check in time of booking. Will I get the money from the room charge? And where do I get it from?

Mike 4 years ago

I have had same problem almost 50% of my guest have been no show over dec! Its redculas as we lossing out bookings with other sites that actuly charge guest up front.

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Glennroy111 4 years ago

Charge a booking fee up-front and a final payment due. I have 80% failure to book because the credit card is rejected for the down payment on booking. Booking.com put it in the "FINE PRINT" and folks don't know they need funds to book and lock-in their reservation. Booking.com is the only reservation site that does it that way. Too bad! I catch the problem up-front, as I own condos in FL and I can't wait for no shows. Charge a booking down payment.

Smart02dog 4 years ago

I have no-show guest three days ago with booking number of ***. Beacuse I could only receive cash, Booking.com told me I could not get any no-show payment. That means Booking does not charge up-front, Booking does nothing. All the risk is on me.