Charge Virtual Credit Cards online or through a POS that has the EDC function available (Thailand)

Happy Saturday from Phuket, Thailand!

I am looking a POS that can charge virtual credit cards and validate credit cards WITHOUT having the physical cards on hand. All the banks in THAILAND can NOT offer this service (they have disabled this function in the POS that they have provided me, it is called EDC function). Is there any service that i can use online? Swipe, paypal and few others can not be used here in Thailand. Does anyone of you can advice a solution on this? 

Thank you for letting me know. If you find me a solution on this i give you 3 nights complimentary stay :) in Phuket's paradise

Georgios Kyrkos

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Georgios Kyrkos 4 years ago

Thank you M Adamopoulou  for your answer BUT i am fully aware about anything related to the virtual cards. My question is crystal clear, can i charge a credit card WITHOUT having the physical card on my hands. 


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M Adamopoulou 4 years ago

Sorry Georgios I was only trying to help...

I don’t use VCC but I thought that the benefit is that you don’t need the physical card to proceed to payments.

Hope some other partner can give you a help on this.