Charging virtual card

Hello, we have a problem charging virtual card. It says that we haven't got permissions to view card details and button "View card details" is unabled.

How can I see card details?

Thanks in advance, 

Hotel Skorpion

BrookAve 2 years ago


HI Skorpion Apartments

Correct as per the last change to VCC in the COVID19 Resource section that you clearly never read, they changed it to the day after check-in date.

COVID-19 Resources


Postponed virtual credit card activation

To better protect the interests of both partners and their guests, we have temporarily changed the activation date of virtual credit cards to help process any payments or refunds. Check how this impacts you.



What is happening?

Due to the crisis situation and in the attempt to better protect the best interest of our partners and our guests, we have decided to change the activation date of all outstanding and future virtual credit cards (VCC) to one day after check-in, with immediate effect as of 19 March 2020.

How does this change impact me?

For reservations that are not subject to Force Majeure, the following applies:

  • If guests honour the reservation and stay at your property, you can charge the virtual credit card one day after check-in date.

  • Should guests cancel their reservation after the deadline or do not show up, you are also able to charge the virtual credit card one day after the original check-in date.  

For reservations that are subject to Force Majeure, guests will be allowed to cancel for free. In that case you will not charge the virtual credit card:

  • For all virtual credit cards with reservations made in the past, we will collectively change the activation date into ‘the day after check-in’.  

Any temporary disruptions when charging your virtual credit cards will be related to this temporary change.

We know that these are very unusual times for all of us and we hope we can count on your understanding.