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I have a "No Children" policy at my BnB. What is the best way to deal with guests who only book for 2 adults but arrive with a child? It is happening frequently. I have started to charge extra but that just creates tension and bad feelings which in turn leads to a poor review.

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fluff 4 years ago

It is difficult. We allow children but only 1 sharing with 2 adults, although parents may book an extra room for 2 children. However, we often have guests arrive with 2 children or more, for the one room.

We have not developed a fixed policy, on site, when faced with this, we are still "winging it" case by case.

This varies from no problem to you must take an extra room (if available). It depends on the feeling we get from the guest's family.

We have only refused admittance on a very few occasions where the family in question was regarded as "Trouble", enough to use the "misconduct" button.

The Trail House 3 years ago

I find this to be a real problem and feel that should address this. We have a no children under 10yrs policy - children who can sleep in their own beds, in their own rooms, the rooms are too small for 2 year olds to share with parents and small babies have very particular needs which have to be especially catered for in order for the parents (who will review) to be comfortable. If guests book for 2 adults and arrive with a baby at a no child policy B&B, Guesthouse or Hotel what do you do? The space is not suited for small kids/babies, the mess is more that double of 2 adults, electricity and hot water usage is for an extra person and charging for this small person created tension and bad reviews. It is disturbing to other guests with baby crying in the middle of the night and day. So can we call to relocate guests who arrive with an undeclared baby or can they somehow make sure the guests have read the accommodation's policies?