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Dear Partners,


We received today a invoice from your side with the commission for May but our property was closed for the month of May due to the covid-19 and we have cancelled all our bookings for free we haven't charged anyone. As we did so we kindly ask you to cancel this invoice for May as well from your side.


Best regards,


Margarita Pitsi

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Princess of Kos - Margarita


While there is something strange going on for some of us for Payments By BdC payouts.


Have you actually taken the time to review all the reservations the invoice is for?

If you have and are 100% sure all those were cancelled and you have not charged an VCC issued by BdC, then just send a message to support for them to update the system to mark them as cancelled/refund. etc


Did you forget to mark them as cancelled /no shows?




You wrote as if you were addressing Boking.com , 

FYI you are not as this is the Partner Community ,and it is only fellow partners and the Communities Team, which is not the same thing.


See guide below .



Kind Regards


BdC Support : Extranet - Location of Partner Only Phone number and Message methods

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