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Maritimo Luxury Aparthotel
december 20, 2022 - 09:54:48

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Maritimo Luxury Aparthotel ( 6479725)

We return to our REPEATED request related to the situation in which you have withheld the amount of 12437.81 lei from the receipts made in our place and then you have asked us once again to pay this amount, included in the invoice 1583842933 issued on 3 Dec 2022, worth 15,779.31 lei, which appears total unpaid and due in 16 dec 2022. Please reimburse us the amount withheld in case you want to pay the invoice mentioned, in the amount mentioned, because we do not have the financial possibility to pay you 2 times. The invoice is due in 3 days and we take 10 days repeated steps, phone and email to adjust this unpleasant situation for us. WE URGE YOU TO REMEDY YOUR MISTAKE that affects us in our activity and puts us in an unfavorable light without having any contribution to it.
We want to be answered, as promised on the phone, 2 times, but we received no answer, neither by phone nor by email.
"Good afternoon
As the administrator of the Maritimo Luxury Aparthotel property, with ID 6479725, I will return by email to the same problem for which I called 2 more times at Booking.com
It is about f. that you have stopped the commission due by us from the amount of the transfer collected and paid by you to my company, but in financial the commission invoice appears to be paid.
I explained that at the end of November we went to direct management of the receipts from clients, for reasons of financial difficulties in the society.
Surely this change in my property settings led to an error in the Booking system, being 2 collection/payment methods combined in one month.
Therefore, I would like to check and modify the payment details related to invoice 1583842933 issued on 3 December 2022, in the amount of 15,779.31 lei, which appears totally unpaid and due on 16 December 2022.
I wouldn’t want to wake up with surprise that on December 16 you will block our property on the grounds of non-payment.
I remind you that on November you collected from the guests staying with us the amount of 66,017.29 lei, of which, on December 2, 2022 you transferred to our bank account the amount of 53,579.48 lei.
The amount of 12,437.81 lei was retained by Booking as a cval Commission.
We urge you to correct the invoice so that we understand exactly what remains to be paid to the booking for the reservations administered directly by us in the end of November and to have a correctly calculated legal basis for the payment difference that will result from these calculations.
I am waiting for your URGENT response.
I mention that I have called Booking numerous times since the first days of December and nothing has been done and we have not received any resolution to our requests. It is not fair at all!!!
Rodica Rauh
Administrator Maritimo Luxury Aparthotel"