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I have an accomodation in Curaçao and the last couple of months I’m experiencing a lot of NO SHOWS. 

At my accomodation the guests pay only cash. 

When they don’t show up I presa the button NO SHOW with the option to let them pay. 

I always thought that the money will go to you guys, buy now I see I have to pay for the comission without getting any money from the client. 

I see my bill is sky high without actually getting money from all those clients. 

is there someting we can do with the last bill so I don’t have to pay for the no shows? It doesnt make any sense to pay for a comission of an amount that I did not receive. 

BrookAve 1 year ago


No thats completely wrong , misinformation.


  1. By default you have guests pay you, but that does not mean you cannot ask for prepayment.
    1. leverage the template for new reservations 
    2. setup 3rd party methods
    3. add them and the prepay process into the template
    4. add a time limit before you will cancel reservation for failure to prepay.
  2. No shows , if you forget to do it in a timely manner and miss the cut off time. just message Partner Support the details and you do not get invoice for that reservation.
    1. So its entirely your own fault if you are getting invoices as 'sky high'
    2. this screams of  ' yet another new partner who didnt read everything before signing up' ; may be harsh but its important to learn this lesson very quickly and adapt.


 no one here but us leprechauns , contact partner support.



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