I would like to inform that there is 1 booking no show & 1 booking cancelled by guest

1 Booking No *** - No Show, updated by staff and no commision been charge by Booking. com

2 Booking No *** - Guest made cancellation and commision has been charge by Booking.com to the hotel.

We do facing a few time regarding this issue and our disputed has not been waived. We did daily update from extranet and still we facing this kind of problem.

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BrookAve 3 years ago

Hi Zamri,


Reminder this is a partner fourm not a direct BDC support forum.


You will find the Contact Us info under Inbox, BDC messages or


Normally if a no show and its prepaid then it is normal for there to be a commission and a payment % if using 'Payments by BDC' feature.



I'm guessing you are taking payments directly as I cannot see your property listing in your profile.





Kind Regards

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