Good day 

Kindly please advise.


I recently registered with booking.com and received my Commision statement.

I would like to query how this works as stipulated below. 

1. Reservations 1 booked for 2 family room however on arrival they decided to take 1 standard and 1 family room which resulted in difference in payment as compared to what booking.com reserved it for . How do we adjust such fees commission.

2. They reserved 1 standard room but never showed up on the day , how do I handle such cases coz I ddnt receive any payment relating to this yet Commision is calculated on my accommodation?

3. Some Commision I don’t understand . I had a customer that booked a standard room for 750 n booking.com stated 760 how much is then a commission and what is my fee in this regards.

4. Customer booked with us but also cancelled same time , she called and said she couldn’t cancel on the website,  we got no notification that she cancelled yet. I see on pulse it’s showing as reservation was taken which is not the case. 

Will it be possible to provide me with a detailed statement on how the invoices I received was calculated ? 
 I will appreciate your assistance in this regard 

Kind Regards 

Gugu Majola