commission calculation

To my surprise I saw that for renting 2 houses for 1 week, more than 300euros had to pay commission.
Customers paid to Booking 980euros and Booking to me 670euros.
I think this is a bit ridiculously high, one third of the price.
I want to discuss this with Booking but do not see where I can go, I know that you can dispute this commission but the invoice is not yet on the internet, because I do not see 1 invoice from 2019 on the internet.

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Aaltje B. 4 years ago

It looks like there is an error somewhere

Have you checked with the professional team of BDC?

They are at the help-desk,

via login to Extranet

then go to Inbox / message / or contact them via info on same page

You can also google to find out what the contact number is for your country.

Hope you get it sorted Corine.


Aaltje B. New Zealand.