Commission Invoice dispute


I am hoping someone can guide me.

My very first guest to book my home, failed to cancel his reservation and he didn't show up. As such I received no payment from the guest for the original reservation.

I did not know I needed to mark "no show" on the Bookings.com site, with this being my very first reservation.

I then received an invoice from Booking.com for commission for the reservation.

I called Customer Care and was guided through the process of how to submit a dispute on the invoice for the reasons given above.

I have however not heard anything back from Bookings.com in relation to the disputed invoice, nor can I get hold of the Finance department whose number ws provided to me by Customer Services. There is simply a message saying they are unable to take my call.

I am however still receiving emails from Booking.com demanding payment and now saying I am overdue with the payment and have 2 days to pay it.

Can anyone guide me as to how to resolve this issue.

Many thanks in advance


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Aaltje B. 4 years ago

This looks like an error Suefranferg

I would gently repeat the question, maybe to another person.

I think they are extremely busy at the moment especially since the financial hiccup with Stripe.

Keep hosting and I wish you enjoyment doing so.

Any more questions, let the finance team know.

We are only hosts that can share experiences, but we are not responsible for what happens with the politics of BDC

Have a great day!


Aaltje B.

Tapiwachigwenembe 4 years ago

I had booking if which the guest didn't cancel the reservation and I didn't that when a guest failed to show up you need to click didn't show up and I received an invoice how am I going to sort this out?

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Aaltje B. 4 years ago

Hi Tapiwchigwenembe

I understand your guest didn't show up, you reported this and now you still have to pay commission Right?

in that case let the admin team know. If you login to the extranet you can ask the question via the inbox tab.

Or contact via the home tab in extranet. There are many ways, and they will forward you if needed.

There are many people working for Bdc. We are only hosts and share our experiences, we can't change anything about the financial mistakes.

Hope this helps


Aaltje B.