commission payments and invoices

Don't understand why i've got an amount due of £34.23 which is payable by 16 November.

My October payment details were booking £210 less commission payment of £31.50 less payment charges of £2.73 giving a total payout of £175.77.  As far as I can see the £34.23 was taken from October payout so can't understand why it's still showing as owing.

If I click on the statement in the financial section relating to this booking it shows the following:

19 Oct 202023 Oct 2020415  Stayed  £210  £2.73  £31.50 Chargeable extra fees.

What are the "chargeable extra fees" - presumably the charges of £2.73?  

As far as I'm aware the commission and charges were taken off October payment so I don't owe anything.

Can anyone help?

BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi Valerie 


I suspect you can simply ignore it , and if a reminder pops up phone BdC Support.

Lately , the last few months, they have not been deducting for me , and i receive the full payment, then i see the invoice and pay that and then they send it back to me.




Kind Regards,

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Valerie Coleman 2 years ago

Thanks - they've already taken payment as my guest payment was paid net.  Will wait and see what happens.  

Stay safe