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Hi, everyone! I have a question about currency gaps in BK charging guests stays and hosts' commissions.

When I set my currencies I chose USD because USD was the default standard currency BK used for charging my commission, so it only made sense.  I soon found out that BK charged guests in local currency (without my consent, by the way).  This let them, in some high inflationary months, make an over 35%  financial profit OVER their commission profit!

When I asked them to unify currencies they denied this request (no explanation) and since then, I've been trying to cancel my partnership with BK and have not gotten a response yet (other than automatic answers that have not addressed the issue).  I recently found out that the only live communication system they offer is a LANDLINE!

Does anyone have a comment/suggestion about this?  How have you solved it in the past? I imagine that for countries like Argentina or other countries where inflation is rampant, you've been through this before!!



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The normal way to close account is to  - end my partnership.


Use those words in the search box to find the guide and then you can start the process


How can I remove a property or end my partnership with