Commsion Charged for reservacions cancelled


 Hope Somebody can help me with my problem, as Booking has being no help at all with it :(

Because of the Covid-19 the hotel was closed since mid March, We've cancelled all the pendind reservations and refund it to all customers what was charged. 

 But Now I realised Booking has being sending me invoice for some reservations that they didn't cancelled, don't know why. It shows as the customer has stayed at the hotel. 

 I`ve tryed to marked as not charged, but booking doesn´t send me any code to follow with the processed.

Has any body gone through these problems? 

Please Help!

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Germán 


If the Finance menu, reservations / invoices shows these  reservations not marked as no shows or cancelled, then you must dispute it.

here: https://admin.booking.com/hotel/hoteladmin/extranet_ng/manage/finance_reservations.html


select the month, in remarks column - if chargeable cancellation, and or Final  Amount is not 0, then these are the ones you are being billed for.


Message the reservation booking numbers to say cancelled and should be refunded.

Contact BdC- Location of Partner Only Phone number and Message methods


Kind Regards

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