confirmed guest and paid

i want to cancell this booking due to our problem thru internet here in norway. so my guest booked already and that is not availble from other listing compony i hope. you to help me and the guest wants to return they paid. thanks. 

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jaybeegee 3 years ago

hello Wilma and welcome to the partner forum. You will not find the answer to your problem here as this is a place for sharing tips, etc and you need to get on the phone with customer support to resolve your problem. Never a nice situation when this happens for both owners and guests and hope you find a resolution. GL.

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pibomarco 3 years ago

In extranet you can request a free cancelation (where you waive the fees), but the guest must accept your request. In this case you can avoid paying commisson. You can also contact Booking.com to assist you but some penalties can apply due to an overbooking. Don't forget to close the availabilty after you receive the cancelation.