Confusing emails from Booking regarding guest cancellations


we have guests cancellations where guests have booked after April 6, and thus the Force Majeure is not valid any more. Still, we get emails from Booking asking if we want to let them cancel for free. We don’t understand - why do we get these emails? Why doesn’t our regular cancellation policy apply automatically? It takes up a lot of time to handle these confusing emails and explain our policy to guests.   

Any advice appreciated,

Frida & Martin

BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi Frida & Martin


That is normal, and yes from time to time you will get BdC on behalf of the guest request a waiver on cancellation.

These are to be expected on any  reservation. No need to explain the policies, just direct people to them.


You could even have a message template created for dealing with these and just activate it manually when replying.

so write it in a generic way so all you have to do is select it and hit send.

TIP: dont get into long winded sentences, or debates or why it is this way. Just state how it is and if options like change dates etc, put the action on the guest to then pick and decide.


Once you hit Request To Cancel in Reservations Details page you are automatically agreeing to waive.






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