Corona and refund of non-refundable rate

There is a page related how to process refunds because of cancelled due to corona thing.


But what about non-refundable rates? There is nothing written about that.


Already send mail to support, but there is not reply till now.


Please advice how to proceed!


Kind regards, Anže

BrookAve 4 years ago



1. where are you based?

2. where are your future guests for march & april based?

3. have you messaged them if a non-refundable rate to offer option of rescheduling over refunding?


You have the decision yourself to cancel and refund at any time ,its your perrogative and not BdC perrogative.


BdC have been getting slatted on here for this one side misguided attitude and no response from them officially.


So the suggested workaround is contact your guests before they contact BdC and decided to full refund on your behalf without  your consent.


Be smart about how you word the message to the guests.

1. Your booking is a discounted Non-Refundable Rate

2. Cancellation Policy allows x% refund or 0% refund.

3. Would like to offer you a reschedule of dates direct with ourselves. i.e. booking stays in place for the current dates, and you send us the dates to check for availability .


This is the smart way to handle it, zero drama, zero bullcrap from BdC sticking their oar in.


Also if you are EU based, under EU consumer law all accommodation booked separately and directly (including OTAs, 3rd party agents), is only subject ot the Terms & Consditions , policies of the provider i.e. you and not BdC.

BdC cannot legally override your cancellation policy.


Is it a moral or ethical thing?, some will debate it is and some will debate it is not.


Some food for thought.


Kind Regards




Robert 3 years ago

Brooke, In  UK law the term 'force majeure' is not a legal term. There is no default handling of such situations as there is in some other countries. I'm note sure the link you included on insurance is totally applicable here.

BdC T&Cs include a specific section defining the action under FM, including a definition of the term within the contract,  some other countries this would not be needed. 

There may an argument that for bookings made in February, and certainly March that the FM condition as imposed by BdC was, in fact entirely predictable, so the FM cannot apply to those bookings.

Not sure this adds anything to the discussion but thought I'd point it out.

Anže Robida 4 years ago


Thank you for your reply.

I understand what are you talking about, but guest should be aware that NON-REFUNDABLE cannot be refunded.

There should be an insurance to cover such case. And also Booking.com should provide such service, like it is provided by ticket issuer Eventim for example.

Yes, it's moral/ethical thing and I won't charge them also in such case. Because I care!

Br, Anže