corona Virtual creditcards

Hi fellow Partners of Booking,

I find it ridiculous that Booking ( our pay'd platform) can change all our AGB on his own ! 

Guest who have made bookings for dates to come ( also July or August and so on) with a virtual creditcard we can only charge when the guest has left ! So when we have the policies to make a downpayment, booking now says : because of the Corona , we keep the money , when guest cancel we pay the guest back and you only get payed when he is gone. 

I find it not normal that this is decided. We are also human beings, we won't charge guest in a corona virus outbreak. But hopefully it will be ok in the summer. 

This isn't a decision to be make in general. This is decision for us as Hotel / B&B and so on.

BrookAve 4 years ago

Please stop  calling it Corona, I drink it, it's a keto friendly drink.


Call it covid19 its actual name :)


Now on topic, you signed a contract, which has a section dedicated to this. So it is what it is....moving on.


As for future bookings in july on wards dont get ahead of yourself, unless free cancellation applies already they dont qualify to cancel now.


You should be monitoring and keep up to date with the new weekly topic, that was last updated to day. And pinned on the main page here.