I did have a guest book with me ages ago for September 1-September 6th however, due to the coronavirus, things have changed.  I rang on Sunday and spoke to 2 call takers one was called *** the other was called ***.  I explained my problem to them which is I am in a 2 bedroomed homestay house, there are 2 bedrooms and one shared bathroom. I looked on the government guidelines and it looks like the bathroom and common areas cannot be shared.  In fact the shared bits are kitchen lounge and bathroom.  *** said he would contact his manager and come back to me.  He did within an hour and I could not take the call and his message did not answer my query, only that he rang back as requested.  Then I spoke with ***, he said he there were no notes on the system that I had spoken to *** and that he too would ring me back in 5 minutes with an answer.  He did not ring e back.  The guest and I checked and due to Coronavirus, and me saying I didn't want to go agains government guidelines he cancelled it.  However he tells me that he has paid 50%.  Will he be refunded this please as he would have stayed other than COVI9 so please do pay him him deposit back.  His name was ***.  I would be obliged if you could refund him is deposit.  Please call me back on my mobile number which is on my personal details. 

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Jan


Welcome and reminder this is Partner Hub Community, no BdC support Team here.


At first this read at start  as if you were a guest and not a partner. 


Try avoid blocks of text by breaking them up to make them more readable, it tends to put people off reading and they just ignore.


So from latter part I gather that Guest agree to cancel there fore all you need do to is:


  • Open reservation details page
  • Click Request To Cancel
  • Choose Option2
  • Wait for Guest to click agree on notification.
  • System then refunds anything prepaid for rate only.
  • (There are no deposits taken by BdC when prepay is enabled.)
  • Deposits can only be taken directly by you if any.
  • So if you never took a deposit by any method directly then, and the Guest did not have to prepay BdC, then there is nothing to refund.


It is important you understand that part.


Kind Regards


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