Dear booking and community,

As everybody I'm afraid of this virus and the effects on our health and business.

Booking is now applying force majeure and bookings get cancelled and clients get their money back.

But also for us it's force majeure...What do we do with our loans, rents, costs, salaries, water, gas, electricity, internet, etc etc still running...we make thousands and thousands of euros commission for booking and now we won't earn anything not only for as long as this crisis takes but also for months and months to come!

It's force majeure for everyone and a community is based on sharing hardships.  Clients get their train ticet or plane ticket reimbursed and also their stay on booking... we get zero.

I strongly plead for an urgent change in policy so that force majeure is supported by both parties on a 50/50 basis which seems only fair.  For the client i'ts a couple of 100 euros which of course is nothing i would minimise but for us not earning anything for months is a financial disastre which will lead to people getting fired, businesses closed down, menacing the livelihoods of many people (even besides health problems due to Coronavirus).  Without help from booking and an equitable decision, many won't make it and won't be able to survive and make commissions for booking again...!

This is a cry for help!

After the terrorist attacks in our city, we changed all our policies to non refundable and non cancellable to be able to survive a dramtic drop down in reservations.  These times prove us right and it's worse then anyone would ever have foreseen, but i'm very sorry to say there's no help whatsoever for booking to the side of accomodations.  It's al very well to reimburse clients but with doing that and not looking after the other side of the business, we throw out the kid with the bathingwater!   Booking brings accomodations and travellers together; well in times of hardship they should find a solution also to bring those 2 parties together to a solution that satisfies both parties and not just one.

What does the community on booking think of that?  DO you have similar thoughts?

Any response from someone at decision level at booking that can come up with a sustainable and acceptable solution?


Kind regards and take care!

Villa Vittoria… 4 years ago

Totally agree with what you wrote.  I believe booking.c should suggest guests to have an insurance policy to safeguard us as their partners.  Who won't have this insurance upon booking tough luck on him not on us partners. This was completely unfair from booking.c


Villa Vittoria… 4 years ago

In the meantime booking.c are insisting that I pay my 250 Euro miserable bill for the month of February under no circumstances .they are not doing anything to help us. 

So at This point guests are being refunded.

Booking.c is getting paid

And what about us partners...