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Coronavirus: Invoice for Refund of "Non-Refundable" Reservation

I received my first invoice from BdC today in the amount of €437.83 for a non-refundable reservation which they refunded the guest and are now charging me the total cost of the reservation.

The description on the invoice was:

D11 - Compensation / complaint charges paid on your behalf with respect to reservation
number ########

I have requested BdC to reissue the invoice with a correct description, i.e., refund to guest due to Forced Circumstances.

I don't know how I can pay this invoice. We have had no income for going on a month now, with no end in sight. What really frustrates me is that this guest was offered accommodation credit and was virtually willing to accept, until BdC offered them a full refund for the reservation.


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jaybeegee 3 years ago


hi and sorry to hear about your invoicing issue.

clearly from the way you explained it there is a mistake and would suggest you reach out directly to the BDC customer support and not here on the partner forum.

you can contact the finance dept directly via the extranet/admin portal inbox or on the phone and you will find the telephone numbers in the footer below on this webpage (partner help > contact us).


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jaybeegee 3 years ago

Sorry I am not following! Why would you pay the commission on a booking that has been refunded 100% to the guest?

Or is it because you request the cancellation and not the guest?

If it is this latter situation I am not sure you will find the solution here in the partner forum where we are all in the situation without income! If you do not pay the invoice you might receive a legal letter or be banned from