Credit card info doesnt show 3digit number aka CVC/CVV

So we have the problem written in the title.

Until recently cvc number was always shown (when clicking on show card info), when we wanted to charge the customer. But since last week we cant see that number. Its just plain white, numbers are not showing.

I tried to contact support but didnt get the answer yet.

Anyone knows how to fix this ? We always want to see the cvc numbers (all bookings, future bookings, etc.). If not for anything else, its for our security.

Thanks in advance

BrookAve 3 years ago


HI Kadiš Matevž s.p.


welcome , you might need to <CTRL>+<F5> to refreash browser cache.


If still not viewable , see if there has been any post around VCC changes. 

It may be that the info will not be viewable until the actual check-in date occurs first.


Did you actually message support about this?


If not try the guide link below on how to find it and send them a message to clarify



Kind regards


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Kadiš Matevž s.p. 3 years ago

Hello !

I tried refreshing it and it is still not shown.

I also searched around the posts on booking, havent found any info, if there were changes about cvc/cvv numbers not showing. 

One point may be that the number only shows when the actual date check-in happens. But to my knowledge the cvc/cvv was always shown before.

I did messaged the support yesterday about that problem (23h ago), still hadnt get the reply. 

Our account manager is also on holiday until 1st of june, so she cant help me.

Will just try to figure out something, but hopefully the support gets to me soon or some other user has any idea on how to fix this.