credit card payment


how can i make my business book with credit card ???plzz help....

BrookAve 3 years ago

Hi Rented House Saranda


Do you mean :

  1. Allow Guest to book on line indirect via an OTA such as Booking.com and prepay via Booking.com?
  2. Allow guest to pay you directly either prepay or on arrival?


If it is #1 - Indirect Payments then you can

  • Under Finance in the dashboard, Getting Paid, enable Payments by booking.com
  • Now set Rates as Non Refundable, with strict cancelation policy of 1 -24 hours
  • Now set Rate plan minimum 1 night stay, this enables the Risk Free option. Free cancaltion to the Guest but you still get paid.



If it is #2 - Direct Payments

  • Prepayment options can be Paal, Revolut, IBAN bank transfer etc
  • If not Prepay , collect the fund using a POS or similar such as the sumup.com devices to read a physical card.


Strongly recommend option #1 , I use it and no issues so far.




Kind Regards,

Happy New Year.



PS: Link you property in your partner profile so we can review how it is setup , as this can help greatly understand what you have set, and reduce the time to help resolve or advise next steps.

Guide : https://partner.booking.com/en-gb/community/tips-tricks-more/how-why-ad…