Credit card restrictions

Hi All,

So we listed our private apartment which is located in a resort back in February on booking.com

Everything was fine at first and we charge guests credit cards 30 days before our guests stay as that is when our free cancellation period ends.

Back in June, out of the blue, we could no longer view credit card details until 14 days prior to guests arrival. Since then, I have had many conversations with booking.com support and told once we have paid our Invoices consistently, had good reviews etc they would verify us and it would go back to how it was.

Back in September, all of a sudden out of the blue I could see everyone's credit card details again. Then a few days later, they were restricted again.

I called booking.com and after a few more conversations, told there was no reason that the restriction was there as we have had no issues, paid our Invoices on time and have a review rating of 9.7. I was told we would be on the next round of verifications but no-one can tell me when that will be.


Starting to get really really annoyed with booking.com because I believe that our account has an issue with it and want to know if anyone else is in the same boat or it is just us?

We want to start charging guests 10% deposit at booking so that we can reduce cancellations but at the moment, we would only be able to charge that at 14 days before and if they have already cancelled then we won't be able to see the card details anyway.

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Leandri Klopper 5 years ago

Hello there,

I'm sorry to hear about your struggles.

I had the same type of issues when they instigated that, it was highly frustrating! But soon after that they saw that it wasn't "working" and stopped doing that. It took them about a month for the new bookings to come in with a card which I can charge/view immediately. So I suggest a month of patience? I know it's a lot to ask but it's well worth it.

Then, I strongly suggest the 10% deposit. Make sure you have a prepayment policy in place (easily set up), and then just send a payment schedule through to the client once they've booked. I take money after 48 hours, regardless of how far in advance the booking is. The amount is dependant on how far in advance the booking is.

Best of luck!

Innkeeper 5 years ago

When we first signed up with booking, we could view credit card details. About a year ago, they restricted cc views until 14 days prior to arrival. We spent several days trying to contact booking and get to the bottom of it. No one had an answer. They told us to contact the guest for the cc details. I don't honor a reservation without payment. For 15% commission, the least booking can do is provide the cc details they receive which was agreed to when I signed up. I now am forced to only allow 14 days out so that I can allow a valid reservation. No one will help after numerous emails and phone calls to booking.