Credit card visibility period of 10 after check-out not respected by booking.com

As we all know, credit card details, in normal condition with a consumed stay, are visible with beginning of the day of the booking, until the 10'th day after check-out. Still, unfortunately, this month I had at least 4 reservations in which the guest credit card details were not visible in the standard time span(max. 10 days after check-out). One of the booking was already closed for creditcard details before check-out, other two or three days after check-out. None of these booking were ever checked for cc details. The issue is more strange since, booking.com could not give any explanation for the cause at one week after I noticed them with proofs and details. For at least one of the booking we lost the money, the possibility to charge the card, since the customer are not willing to resend cc details and booking.com is doing nothing to help recuperate it. BE AWARE and check all your bookings which are not prepayed by virtual cards, you have to check that the 10 days after check-in is included in the visibility period