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Customer complaint costs invoice fee

Hi, I closed my account on Booking and now I am supposed to pay the invoices for the Customer complaint costs by 19th.

Do I still need to pay them even though I never again want to have any business with booking?

What happens if I don't pay for them?


Thank you

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jaybeegee 3 years ago

Hi and welcome to the booking.com partner forum!

Very difficult for anyone here to give you good advice without knowing exactly the complaint.

Either way there is a pending invoice which booking.com expect to get paid for and if you do not there might be consequences (eg. you recv a legal letter or blacklisted or in some countries effect your credit rating) . Also you might not need booking.com today but you do not know what you will need in the future!

My suggestion is to try and resolve the resolve by contacting customer support and explain your situation - if you still have access to the admin portal you can try emailing the finance team from the inbox option too.