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Customer payment method

I was new. Excuse me, my payment method is cash now, how can I pay the "booking" commission? Will "booking" mail me a paper bill? Or email bill?
A customer did not check in before. According to the terms of service, I should pay him for one night's room. Because it was not paid in cash, I could not deduct this fee from him.
"booking" supports various credit card payments. I would like to ask, is this "booking" collect the room fee directly on the website, then deduct the handling fee and transfer the balance to my bank account?
My worry is that my hotel does not have a credit card swiping facility. I am afraid that I have chosen to support the credit card terms, which means that the guest comes to the store to swipe the card. What exactly does the term "booking" mean?

BrookAve 2 years ago



  1. payment info and methods are on the Finance Overview page.
  2. all invoices are on the Finance menu.
  3. 'I should pay him for one night's room.' this is confusing and sounds like you are not a partner but a guest.
  4. BdC provides 2 methods
    1. Payments by BdC - paid to your bank
    2. Online Payments - you  charge a VCC/CC issued by BdC.
  5. a booking, is a reservation.


You are going to have to decide how to collect the payment then sign up for the relevent service . ; ; izettle etc google payment providers for your area.


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